In furtherance of its vision to inspire a culture of reading in Nigeria, the AIFA Book Club an initiative of the AIFA Reading Society on Saturday, April 27, 2019 held a book reading session at Victoria Island, Lagos. The aim of the event was to promote a healthy reading culture among members of the Society. In a bid to ensure that the reading culture in Nigeria does not go extinct, AIFA reading Society frequently organizes book reading events to spur the interest of members of the Society in reading which in turn improves the literacy index of the Society.  The events aims at engaging participants and guest to appraise and analyse a fantastic piece of literature. This ensures that participants not only garner knowledge and insights from the book being read but also have fun while doing it.

The book ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’, an interesting short story authored by Charlotte Perkins was the subject of discussion. The host & Chief Moderator of the session, Dr. E. Okonedo, who is the President of the AIFA Reading Society and Dean of Lagos Business School, led discussions on the book which explored themes such as gender roles, self-expression, mental & physical wellness amongst others. The literary book is a significant piece of writing that left the participants with a better understanding on issues of gender roles and mental health in the 19th century.

Members of the Society and invited guests also shared their opinions on these central themes of the book which the group found fascinating and worth reflecting on as they directly affect the African Society and the 21st Century world. In his remarks, Professor F. Ajogwu, SAN (a Director of the Society) reemphasized the need to maintain a strong reading culture among Citizens to further serve as an unshakable foundation for the Growth and Development of the Country.

The AIFA Reading Society is a registered not for profit organization, committed to the promotion of a reading culture, and the attainment of sustainable educational development across Nigeria. Through its various projects and activities the Society seek to achieve a world in which majority of the children and young adults in Africa can read, write and have opportunity for a decent education.

The AIFA Book Club aligns with the aims and objective of the Society, that is, to ensure that a majority of persons within the Society’s immediate sphere of influence develop an enthusiasm for reading. The Club achieves this through its activities, particularly its reading sessions designed for its community of readers where a work of literature is read and discussed freely. The Society also organises Book Clubs in schools to promote a healthy reading habit by grooming young book reviewers with great interpretative and critiquing skills. AIFA Book Club help awaken the interactive keenness among these students as well as build students’ ability to undertake intense research.

The Club is a community of book lovers who relish the opportunity to express their opinions and feelings about every literal piece that is read. Book clubs are a wonderful way to engage and encourage people to develop a good reading culture as it help to reshape and redirect the minds of writers and readers to diverse perspectives and possibilities. Regardless of the reasons behind why people read books, it is undeniable that a healthy reading culture is essential to the survival of any society.

Magdaline Oyoroh

Programme Officer, AIFA Reading Society

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