Can Reading Be More Amusing

Can Reading Be More Amusing?

Are you an avid reader, a partial reader or non-reader? Do you know reading can be fun!

While reading to some persons is an effortless and pleasurable ordeal, some persons still struggle through reading a book. The former was the experience of members and friends of the AIFA Book Club when they met for a book reading session hosted by Chinyere Akachukwu on Saturday, March 21st, 2020, at Lekki, Lagos state. The participants read and discussed Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. The session had in attendance seven guests.

While discussing the book, participants expressively explored the many themes identified in the novel. Conversations cut across the influence of power, sexuality and fertility, individuals roles in the society, ethics, religion, gender conflict and feminism. It was an opportunity for everyone to share their thoughts and experiences on the book’s themes as well as ask mind-bugging questions.

Some participants related the book to present reality, others had fun rewriting some scenes in the book. These moments made the book club session an exciting one for everyone.

To conclude the session, participants submitted that religion and culture is not an umbrella to shield dishonest acts as was experienced in the story. They also agreed that every individuals’ behaviour has a major influence in making or marring a society.

Highlights of the events include a networking and photograph session afterwards.

The AIFA Book Club is always a place where individuals take a break from work to discuss and share thoughts on a literary piece. It is also a place and period to relax and revive lost reading habits and passion. This is in line with AIFA Reading Society’s objective to promote literacy by encouraging the act of reading among everyone in the society.

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