What makes a child special?

Every child possesses unique characters, strengths and abilities that allows them express their individuality. It is this individual uniqueness that makes every child special. To truly harness and develop a child’s uniqueness and maximum potential, every child requires and deserves attention, love, support and protection. Children’s Day is a special day set aside to honour children globally and express their value in our society. It is dedicated towards raising awareness on children’s rights and well-being globally. Children’s day is observed on different dates around the world and in Nigeria, May 27 is the day set out as children’s day.

The AIFA Reading Society values children and is dedicated to their development. To mark children’s day, on May 28, 2019, members and volunteers of the Society celebrated series of events with pupils of Edward Blyden Memorial Nursery and Primary School, Lagos Island, Lagos.

Practising the art of drawing

The first programme set out for the day was the AIFA Book Club. The theme for this year’s Children’s Day celebration was ‘Protecting the future of the Nigerian child’. To this end, the Society invited Mrs. Olatunde Turner-Edem, a Guidance Counsellor, author and the founder of HopeHouse Counselling and Consulting Services to read and discuss one of her books, ‘Kelvin’s Adventure of Staying Super Safe’ in a bid to sensitize them on child abuse. The book highlights preventive methods which every child requires to stay safe from abuse especially abuse initiated by adults in whom their protection has been entrusted. The author advised teachers and guardians to be more sensitive and respectful of a child’s decision, most especially by understanding that their ‘NO’ simply means ‘NO’.

Encouraging a good reading culture

In the same light, the Society carried out another major initiative of the Society, Calculate2Succeed where over a hundred (100) students were empowered with branded mathematical sets and educated on its accurate uses. Among the educational materials donated to the Society by Mr. Patrick Koshoni of Miliki Lounge and Ms. Nazor Ukwuebu, a box of painting tools and colourful picture books were selected and presented to pupils in nursery one and primary one. Also, primary five and six students were gifted with the Society’s branded bags and writing materials. In addition, some copies of Makwala by E.E. Sule (donated by Parresia publishers) was presented to the head teacher and staff of the school.

Mrs. Irantiola the Head-teacher of the school thanked the Society on behalf of the entire school for the Society’s immense contribution and impact and expressed her hope that the society extends programmes of this nature to other schools around the country.

AIFA Reading Society’s Calculate2Succeed

An important method of eradicating illiteracy and poverty, is supporting the education of children. AIFA Reading Society in its mission to spread literacy in the world, provides adequate educational support for children in a bid to educate, build their confidence, creative abilities, as well as encourage them and develop their enthusiasm for learning.

(Middle) Author, Mrs. O. Turner-Edem with teachers and pupils of Edward Blyden Memorial Nursery and Primary School

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