International Students Day is an annual celebration observed on November 17th, each year. The day is recognised by the World Health Student Alliance, the largest inter-professional healthcare alliance, which sets to celebrate the diversity in culture and corporation among students as well as promotes youthful educational involvement in the society. This year’s International Students Day focused on Students commitment to fight for human rights, adequate education, healthier communities and a brighter future. The day is a symbol of the struggle of students all over the world. 

Celebrating the International Students Day, Saturday, November 17th, 2018 representatives and volunteers of the Society on Friday, November 16, 2018 visited Victoria Island Senior Secondary School, Victoria Island, Lagos to render teaching services to ‘pass on the knowledge.’

In a bid to address the lack of teachers in selected subjects in this school, AIFA Reading Society, reached out to qualified volunteers who are experts from different professional fields to support the work of teachers by engaging the students on a 1-day practical teaching in line with the school’s curriculum in order to help the students prepare for their upcoming examination.

Subjects taught by volunteers are; Mathematics, English language, Economics and Accounting.

In line with the mission of the Society, this event aims at promoting educational development in schools by empowering students with the knowledge required for their near terms’ examination. The instructors with different learning scopes and approaches were able to boost the interest of the students on the need to excel in their academic pursuit, as well as encourage the quest for knowledge among them.

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