Have you read the letter “Dear Ijeawele” by Chimamanda Adichie?

It’s amazing how we say “feminism is about a woman being able to make her choices” but does she really make those choices out of what she wants or just wanting to let peace?

Why does motherhood seem to be the only part of parenting that people pay attention to?

And how true is it that some men only like the aesthetics of having a family but don’t really like the involvement of raising a child? Is marriage an achievement?

Equality is sometimes misinterpreted to be 50-50 when really it’s about meeting each other’s needs. How has this been reflected in today’s society?

Why does the society still try to enforce gender roles on who does what, based on gender and not based on interests/strengths?

Are there really activities or roles that only girls do better?

Would you propose as a woman? Why not?

Would you say yes to a marriage proposal from your woman as a man? Why not?

These among other unfussy and frequently asked questions were the topics for discussion while exploring “Dear Ijeawele” at the AIFA Book Club via the zoom teleconference. This letter, written to a friend who requested Chimamanda Adichie’s advise on how to raise her child up as a feminist has received many reviews globally, and on Saturday, December 12, 2020, participants at the AIFA Book Club added their two cents to the book.

Briefly sharing participants’ thoughts, it was agreed that the society plays a pivotal role in the making or marring of the human existence. However, the inability of individuals to make more intentional decision despite the existing forms of awareness also serves as a source of strength to some unfavourable societal norms and molds. This book raised even more questions in the course of discussion. The group encourage the self-aware-individuals to be more realistic in dealings especially on matters bothering on gender roles being the subject for the meeting.

The purpose of AIFA Book Club is to achieve a society where reading will be passionately embraced and appreciated amongst all category of persons. Reading is a fun activity which the AIFA Reading Society seeks to ensure that the majority shares in the knowledge and secretes hidden in books. The Society further encourage everyone to make reading a priority.

A few Suggestions from “Dear Ijeawele”:
“Be a full person; Do it together; Teach her that the idea of ‘gender roles’ is absolute nonsense; Beware the danger of what I call Feminism Lite; Teach Chizalum to read; Teach her to question language; Never speak of marriage as an achievement; Teach her to reject likeability; Give Chizalum a sense of identity…”



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