The AIFA Book Club on September 7, 2019, organised a Reading Session for Members and Friends of the Society at Domino’s Pizza, Surulere, Lagos. The book discussed was “Animal Farm”, an allegory novella by George Orwell. The book narrates the ordeal of a mindful set of animals who rebelled against their farmer with the hopes to build a society where all animals can be equal, free and happy. Unfortunately, they ended up in a worse state under the absolute rule of a pig called Napoleon.

Animal Farm, the 20th century story, gave the group gripping angles for discussion, allowing each member to visualise the book with current events in the 21st century. The story which explored different literary devices, deliberately presented its characters as special species of animals in order to carefully depict its message. Interactively, each discussant was keen on discussing the multiple themes captured in the book such as; power, tyrannical leadership, corruption, lies, deception, dreams, hopes, folly, craftiness, pride, discrimination to mention a few.

The book resonated different meanings including:

  • The danger in complacent citizenry and the effects of unchecked powers. 
  • The irony of life and how people often end up becoming what they most criticise.
  • The world as a timeless piece because it mirrors the struggles humans are currently facing in society today. 
  • The world is a never ending circle where people with the best intentions often get so consumed with greed that they become the very enemy they revolted against in the first place.

The AIFA Reading Society aims to encourage reading and enlightenment, to aid Members and Friends of the Society explore existing genres and authors, enable discussions, and provide an opportunity to network with people in the community. The society’s goal is to spread literacy through reading. One of the avenues through which AIFA achieves its objective is through its Book Club.

The AIFA Book Club holds similar book reading and discussion sessions at regular intervals and hopes that its promotion of a healthy reading culture would aid in developing a healthy society.

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