The Ecstasy of Reading!

The AIFA Mini Story Series: Session1
‘A Telephone Call’ by Dorothy Parker

The ecstasy derived from book club gatherings cannot be over emphasized. Book clubs are adventurous moments that allows many the opportunity to tour book genres, each genre providing many experiences!

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The AIFA Book Club is not left out of this as it launched its ‘Mini Story Series’ on Wednesday, April 8th, 2020 with a goal to promote pleasurable reading during the lockdown initiated by the COVID -19 pandemic and beyond.

The AIFA Mini Story Series adopted the WhatsApp platform where members and friends met to discuss its first mini-story, ‘A Telephone Call’ by Dorothy Parker’.

During the discussion, participants explored the short, yet extensive piece, each giving unique interpretations of the story. While some participants disliked how the story ended unresolved, others admired how it ended, especially as it allowed each mind the opportunity to give different conclusion to the story. Could this be how reading a good book feels?

Summarizing the story, one of the participants shared:

“The short story chronicles the anxiety of someone in great anticipation of a call from a man whom this person has come to admire. It highlights the reciprocity that affection expects and in a sense, demands. It also highlights the sense of self, pride and esteem that is sometimes sacrificed to satisfy one’s emotions and desire.”

Participants identified desperation, hope, despair, obsession, love, religion, insecurity, independence and identity as themes of the story.

The AIFA Mini Story Series is a platform for everyone to express their views and opinions on the mini-stories shared every Wednesday and discussed every Saturday morning.

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