Books form an integral part of every child’s learning. The Society’s primary focus has been to promote the adoption of best reading practices across Nigeria through one of its projects, ‘Books Recycle Scheme’ which aims at affording Nigerian students and teachers the opportunity to access variety of educational and instructional materials.

Without an adequately equipped learning environment, it is difficult for children to develop a keen interest in reading. In a bid to address the lack of books in government schools, the Society gave the gift of reading to schools in Abuja, Enugu, Lagos and Ibadan, Nigeria. To make this project a success, the Society liaised with prominent publishing houses in Nigeria who immensely supported the project, they include; Parresia Publications Limited, Kachifo Publications Limited, Rasmed Publications Limited, Purple Shelves Limited and Learn Africa Plc as well as individual members of the Society who desire quality learning and the success of every Nigerian child.

AIFA’s Visit to LEA Primary School and Government Junior Secondary School, Gaube, Kuje Area Council (Kuje IDP Camp) and LEA Primary School Peyi, Bwari Area Council Abuja
On Thursday March 28, 2019, our volunteers, Mrs. Deborah Idakwo, Mrs. Justina Fakulude, and Mr. Ahijah Yunana paid a courtesy visit to three public schools in Abuja to give books donations.

First on the list were LEA Primary school and Government Junior Secondary School in Gaube, a village under Kuje Area Council Abuja where all the Internally Displaced Persons from different state in Nigeria (including Benue, Taraba, Plateau and Zamafara states to mention a few) were resettled. The society donated quality text books and other educational aids to the school’s library to encourage and provide the pupils with essential learning materials.  

Our volunteers also visited LEA Primary school in Peyi, Bwari Area Council FCT, Abuja. The Headmistress, Mrs. Peter Peyo after receiving the books thanked the Society for its great work and expressed her desire that the Society continues to support quality learning amongst less privileged children. According to the Headmistress, the inability of the students to pay their fees and purchase textbooks to facilitate good learning is a major challenge faced by the school, she however, noted that the Society’s contribution to making reading materials available to the students has assisted in alleviating the problem. Our volunteer, Mrs Idakwo thereafter, sensitized the pupils and teachers on the need to maximize available educational resources and noted that Society would do its best to support the school.

Our Visit to Primary and Secondary Schools in Enugu State
Mrs C. N. Ajogwu, the Society’s Representative in Nsukka, Enugu State visited nine (9) schools (including primary and secondary schools) and donated a total of two hundred and forty-nine books to the said schools. The said schools include:

  • Agu Achara primary school 1 (59 copies of primary school books);
  • Agu Achara primary school 2 (59 copies of primary school books);
  • Hill-top primary school, Ukpabi, Nsukka (59 copies of primary school books);
  • Nsukka high school, Nsukka  (11 copies of secondary school books);
  • Community secondary school, NIMBO, Nsukka, Enugu state (11 copies of secondary school books);
  • Central School, ABBI (11 copies of secondary school books);
  • Saint Theresa College, Nsukka (11 copies of secondary school books);
  • Community secondary school, ABBI/Ugbene (11 copies of secondary school books); and

Model Secondary School, Nsukka (11 copies of secondary school books)

Our Visit to Edward Blyden Memorial Nursery and Primary School, Lagos
To celebrate Children’s Day (May 27, 2019), the Society’s volunteer, Mr. Michael Ekpo and Ms. Magdaline Oyoroh, the Society’s Programme Officer on Tuesday, May 28, visited Edward Blyden Memorial Nursery and Primary School to empower the students with educational materials. Over one hundred (100) students were empowered with branded mathematical sets and were also educated on its accurate use by the representatives of the Society. The Society donated a box of painting tools to the school and 66 (sixty-six) colourful picture books were selected and presented to each pupil in nursery one and primary one. Also primary five and six students were gifted with the Society’s branded bags and writing materials. In addition, four (4) copies of Makwala by E.E. Sule (donated by Parresia publishers) was presented to the head-teacher and staff of the school.

Our Visit to Abadina Primary and Secondary School, Ibadan
On Thursday, June 20, the Society’s representative and Volunteers, Ms. Ephratah Oyewole, Mr. Oladapo Oropo and Ms. Magdaline Oyoroh paid a visit to Abadina primary School and Abadina College in Ibadan and donated one hundred and twenty (120) books to Abadina Primary School and one hundred and forty three (143) books to Abadina College respectively totaling 263 (two hundred and sixty three) books.

Our representative, Ms. Ephratah enlightened the students on the need to embrace education at a tender age as that would enable them have a clear sense of direction and career path early on in life. She further advised the students to facilitate group readings, and avoid reading only to pass their exams, but to read for the pleasure of reading as this would give them a broader sense of understanding and enlightenment. In conclusion, The AIFA book drive campaigns is a strategy to equip public schools libraries with essential learning materials and eradicate the abysmal reading culture of children and young persons in Nigeria.

This laudable project would not have been possible without the support and donations received form Engr. Peter Bamkole, Mrs. Audrey Ajogwu, Mr. Patrick Koshoni, Ms. Nazor Ukwuegbu, Mr. Emeka Nnubia, Ms. Victoria Orodeji, Adaobi Oni-Egboma, Mr. Osahiwe Daizey, Kenna Partners, Parresia Publication Limited, Kachifo Publications Limited, Rasmed Publications Limited, Purple Shelves Limited and Learn Africa Plc.

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