Each year September 8th marks UNESCO’s International Literacy day, raising awareness globally on the issues surrounding adult and child literacy. In the mission to spread literacy around the globe, the Society organized series of events such as the AIFA Book Drive campaign, AIFA Book Club, publication of article ‘Impact of Skills Development for Sustainable Education’ on Guardian Newspaper, daily posts and online teasers to promote a good reading culture among students and young adults.

Through the AIFA Book Drive Campaign, the Society received a total of 919 (nine hundred and nineteen) reading materials with the support of publishing companies and individuals who donated towards the project. The books received included; educational textbooks cutting across all subjects like literature in English, Biology, Social Studies, English Language, Basic Education, Basic Science and Technology, Economics, Cultural, Creative Arts and Pre vocational Studies, classic literature novels to say the least.

Representatives and volunteers of the Society visited five (5) public schools to give the gift of reading to students and teachers of these schools by donating the reading materials received to the schools’ libraries. The beneficiaries of this project include; Kuchingoro Internally Displaced Persons’ [IDP] Camp Primary School, Abuja (160 Primary school books), Durumi Internally Displaced Persons’ [IDP] Camp Primary School, Abuja (160 Primary school books), Ajangbadi Senior High School, Ojo, Lagos (120 Senior secondary school books), Enitan Nursery& Primary School, Surulere, Lagos (81 Primary school books), Kobape Community Senior School, Ogun (126 Senior secondary school books).

As part of the celebration of the 52nd edition of the International Literacy Day, Okesuna Junior School organized an event on Friday, September 21, 2018, and an invitation was extended to the Society. Ms. Magdaline Oyoroh and Ms. Blessing Iroroh represented the Society at the event. Ms. Magdaline Oyoroh delivered a speech on ‘Literacy and Skills Development’ which was primarily to sensitize the students on how to apply knowledge learned, and the importance of vocational education to individuals and the society at large. She further mentioned that vocational education needs to be integrated into the school curriculum as this will equip students with the literacy and practical skills needed for lifelong learning. The Society donated 67 Junior School books to the school library.

Ms. Blessing Iroroh and Ms. Magdaline Oyoroh, representatives of the Society, advised the students on the importance of literacy and how it is critical to economic development as well as individual and community well-being. 

The Principals and teachers of these schools commended the effort of the Society for its keen interest in offering learning support to government schools and Internally Displaced Persons’ camps in Nigeria.

This project was supported by Parresia Publication, Kachifo Publication, Rasmed Publication, Mrs. Sophia Onyenkpa, Mrs. Rosemary Okolo, Mrs. Ekenta, Mr. Nwanchukwu Obi, Ms. Blessing Iroroh and Individuals who prefer to remain anonymous.

In a bid to promote literacy and a good reading culture, the AIFA Book Club was held on Saturday, September 8, 2018, at the Bheerhugz Café, Surulere, Lagos. This edition was moderated by representatives of the Society who selected a literature book titled ‘The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives’ by Lola Shoneyin.

The Society’s representatives kicked off the event by sensitizing the attendees on the objectives of the Society and the aim of the book club. The book was read and discussed among 19 guests, members and representatives of the Society. The readers shared their insights and thoughts and found the book to be enlightening and instructive.

Ms. Blessing Iroroh, a representative of the Society thanked members and guests present at the Book Club and further encouraged everyone to develop a positive attitude towards reading.


Okesuna High School, Lagos Island, Lagos State

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